Kumite (Sparring)

Three-Step Sparring

  • In three-step sparring, each person attacks three times to face and three times to stomach from one side only (usually starting from a left side forward front stance, right-hand punch). The attacking side alternates after each exchange (i.e., Person A attacks to face; Person B attacks to face; Person A attacks to stomach; Person B attacks to stomach).

One-Step Sparring

  • In one-step sparring involving only punching attacks (i.e., for 5th and 4th kyu), Person A attacks once to face from left-side forward (right-hand punch), then once to face from right-side forward (left-side punch). The same person then attacks once to stomach from both sides. Person B then performs the same attacks. Each person thus performs four attacks.
  • In one-step sparring involving kicks as well as punches (i.e., for 3rd kyu and above), Person A attacks once to face from either side, then to stomach from either side, then with a front kick from either side. Person B then attacks one time each (face, stomach, front kick) from either side. Each person thus performs three attacks.

Kiai on the last attack (when attacking) and on the counter-attack (when defending). Down block strongly when attacking; announce your target forcefully and decisively.

Kyu Kumite
8 3-step, face and stomach
7 3-step, face and stomach
6 3-step, face and stomach
5 1-step, face and stomach
4 1-step, face and stomach
3 1-step, face, stomach, front kick
2 Semi-free (face, stomach; front, side thrust, and roundhouse kicks)
1 Semi-free (face, stomach; front, side thrust, and roundhouse kicks)