Rank Testing/Tournaments


Rank Testing PictureKyu testing takes place once a semester at Yale, but if you train consistently and have the time, you may choose to test more often (approx. once every three months) at the main dojo in New York City. Dan testing happens in New York City with Mori Sensei twice a year.

There are regional tournaments twice a year and a couple of other less formal tournaments during the year. Tournaments

are conducted by rank, so anyone who’s been training for at least a month can enter. Participation is optional, but in the past the Yale club has had a fairly good turnout.

Requirements for Kyu Examinations

Kyu exams require each karateka to demonstrate proficiency in three area: kihon (basics), kata, and kumite (sparring).

If more than one person is testing for a particular kyu, then the kihon and kata are usually executed by two or three people at a time. Sparring is done by one pair of karateka at a time.

The requirements for each kyu test are listed on the following pages.