Spring Karate Tournament

April 17, 2015

Hi all,
The karate tournament will be held next Saturday, April 25th. As an added incentive, if you compete in the competition, your grading fee of $20 will be waved. Additionally, if you win a match in kata or kumite (sparring), you will pass that portion of your rank exam!!

White belts will compete doing heian shodan and 3-step sparring. Green belts will compete with heian 3 and 4 and be one step sparring. Brown/black belts will compete with free sparring and heian 1-thru tekki shodan. You can do both events or just one (kata and/or kumite). The club pays the entry fee.

It is a great method of training and meeting some great new people from other area clubs. Even if you just want to come to watch or help.