Special Guest Instructor
April 17, 2015

Hi everyone,
I’m very please to announce that we will have a special guest instructor on monday, April 27th for class, grading, and the party.

Sensei Margaret Thomas holds a 6th degree black belt with the Japan Karate Association and is one of the highest-ranking women in the country. Sensei Thomas started studying karate in 1975 in Philadelphia. She moved to Connecticut in 1979 where she completed an M.S. in Geology. She has been teaching traditional Shotokan Karate to students of all levels for many years. 
In 1995, Sensei graduated Master Masataka Mori’s (9th Dan) advanced Shotokan Karate-Do International Instructors Course in NYC. She was the Assistant Chief Instructor of the University of Connecticut JKA Karate Club from 1995-2003. 
Sensei Thomas is also an accomplished competitor in sport karate. She has been a member of the USA Karate Team numerous times and has received regional, national, and international awards spanning more than a decade. Sensei is an internationally certified JKA Instructor, Rank Examiner, and Tournament Judge