2016 Team Karate tournament

March 10, 2016

This karate event is in Connecticut near New London on April 2nd.  

It’s a tournament called a Shiai, which is a team based tournament for all levels. Three people on a team doing kata and sparring. Even if we can’t get a team together, individuals from various schools get together at the event to form teams. It’s a practice tournament, and lots of fun. 


2016 Karate Team Shiai
The Japan Karate Association of Montville invites you to attend a team competition to be held on Saturday April 2nd.
The competition will follow a training session conducted by one of our region’s senior instructors. This is a friendly competition and it is open to all ages, ranks, and gender. There will be team kata and team kumite events only.
Black belts waiting to compete or who do not wish to compete are invited to get valuable judging experience. The purpose of this competition is to learn more about the team aspect of karate, foster better training spirit in this regard, meet new like-minded students from the area and especially to have fun!
Teams will also be formed the day of the competition as necessary, so any “remainders” may be placed on a team at the last moment.
Andrew Bakoledis